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Minigun From A Photoshoot

If you want to see one shoot & you are not in the military or in Iraq (Wrong End Of The Gun) I might add.. One of the best locations to see one fire is the semi annual Machine Gun Shoot in Knob Creek Ky.

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Only In America So Protect Your Rights!

Only In America Can Responsible People Have This Much Fun!

This Is The Best Gun Shooting Event Short Of A War Zone You Will Ever See.


M134 3-pack3 X $$$

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Got Ammo??


Nice Mini!

GAU/19A 3 Barrel & M134 With Spade Grips



A Not So "Mini" In The Shop


Thanks Dave!!

Out On The Tarmac For Show


Vulcan Out For Service


That Would Hurt..

GAU-8/A Tank Killer


Big Thanks Go To The USAF Museum For The Article Picture Links

By: John De Armond, From Rec.guns Newsgroup

Vulcan was the ancient Roman "God of Fire." Vulcan today is
the rightly chosen name given to the accepted and proven machine
gun, the M61A1, by General Electric, that fires the most intense
and sustained stream of projectiles ever produced by a single gun
mechanism. It can fire over 100 projectiles in one second.
The Vulcan is the reinvented and perfected stepson of the
famous Gatling multi-barreled machine gun patented and first pro-
duced by Richard J. Gatling in 1862.

General Electric in 1946 recognized with the Ordnance Corp.
The potential of Gatling's "before-its-time" invention, and applied
a high tech electric motor, coupled with modern gun mechanism de-
sign and high strength materials, to fire the resulting Vulcan gun
at more than 6000 shots per minute in sustained bursts.
A new family of Vulcan guns soon came about that fired many
different cartridges the 37mm, 30mm, 27mm, 25mm, 20mm, caliber .60,
caliber .50, 10mm, 7.62mm, and 5.56mm, all firing at gun rates from
200 shots per minute (SPM) to 10,000 SPM. These new guns are of
various configuration in response to military requirements. Some
have seven barrels, others have six or five, four or three.
It is due to the Vulcan's high performances that these guns
have been chosen to arm almost all of the U.S. Air Forces fighter
for the past three-and-one-half decades. The Vulcan and
its variations have also been called to serve on bomber defense,
on gun pods, on the famous "Puff the Magic Dragon" (Side Fire), on
U.S. Navy ships for missile and aircraft defense, on most all heli-
copters for all the services, and on the U.S. Army's Vulcan Air
Defense Systems.



Conceptual and analytical design studies started at General
Electric in 1960 as Independent Research and Development projects.
Component models were built and tested so that by early 1962 the
Minigun design was established. A United States Air Force contract
was awarded to General Electric later in 1962 and it called for
prototype guns and gun pods.
The first Minigun burst was fired in December 1962; this was
followed by the first firing of the gun pod (SUU-11/A) at Eglin
Air Force Base in Florida in November, 1963.
Both the Springfield Armory and Eglin Air Force Base conducted
extensive live firing tests throughout 1964 accompanied by trouble-
shooting meetings and redesigns with General Electric.
"Side Fire" which was the application of M37 machine guns fir-
ing out the port windows of a C-47 at ground targets was also in
test at Eglin Air Force Base. They had difficulties obtaining a de-
sired magnitude of sustained fire power from the M37 weapons. It
became apparent to Mr. William Auman, the Air Force Project Officer
at Eglin on Miniguns, that the Miniguns could perform like the al-
ready proven Vulcans and that the Miniguns could relieve the C-47
"Side-Fire" tests, and provide the needed reliable-sustained fire
poser. The switch in guns was made. The following tests were suc-
cessful. The "Side-Fire" Gunship AC-47 left for Southeast Asia for
trials and was in combat with Miniguns by December, 1964.
The Miniguns were mounted in their prototype gun pods (SUU-11/A)
inside the AC-47 at this time. However, earlier contracts had the
improved design SUU-11/A pods in production, so that by September
1965 new pods were delivered to the AC-47 in Southeast Asia. The
operation was soon nicknamed"Puff-the-Magic-Dragon" because of
the extreme hail of fire that came from the AC-47 during night missions.
The "Side-Fire" missions were so successful, that by this oper-
ation, other applications, and stateside tests, the first one mil-
lion rounds were recorded fired on Miniguns by late 1967.

Mini-Pod SUU-11A/A (XM18E1)

The Mini-Pod was the first Minigun installation and started in
production at General Electric in 1965.
It was first used in Southeast Asia on the AC-47 "Puff-the-
Magic-Dragon" which was the first of the "Side-Fire" gun ships. It
fired out the port windows at ground targets while the aircraft
flew pylon turns around the target.
The Mini-Pod was also extensively used as an externally-stored
gun pod on both high and low performance aircraft. The pod carries
1500 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition which is fired at 6000 spm.
It utilizes the Minigun GAU-2B/A and a one-way Linkless Feed
System. A battery pack located in the rear ogive powers the gun so
that only control voltage and a trickle battery recharge voltage
are required from the aircraft.

A new Minigun system called the "Module," the MXU-470/A, was
created. It was a simplified one-ended linkless feed drum that was
vertical, with the Minigun mounted horizontally on top of the drum
so that it was just the right height to fire out the windows of the AC-47.
The module started in production at General Electric in 1966.
The drum holds 2000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, and the gun fires
at either 3000 spm or 6000 spm.
The Minigun is driven by self-contained batteries that only
required control and trickle charge voltages from the aircraft.
The drum is back-loaded with a built-in power loader that takes
extra belted ammunition stored on board, delinks it and stores the
rounds in the drum at any convenient time such as a lull in the
mission for topping off the drum.

The Minigun Module was also incorporated in the armament sys-
tems of the two other "Side-Fire" aircraft, the AC-119 and the AC-130.
Aging Air Force Douglas C-47 transports were armed with three
newly-designed General Electric 7.62mm Miniguns with a combined
rate of fire of 18,000 rounds/minute were deployed in South Viet-
nam in the role of long-endurance strike fighters.

The U.S. Air Force " Side-Fire " operations on the AC-119 and
the AC-130 used Vulcan M61A1 20mm guns and systems supplied by General Electric.
The AC-119 carried miniguns and two M61A1 guns. The guns fired
out the port side of the aircraft while it was in a banked pilon
turn aiming at its ground target located at the center of the turn.
The AC-119 was the follow on operation from the original Side-Fire,
the AC-47 which used only miniguns (7.62mm).
The ammunition supply was obtained by taking the one-way Link-
less Feed System from some SUU-16/A Vul-Pods. Extra ammo was car-
ried on board the crew-served AC-119 so that reloading was done in
the air while on missions.
The AC-130 which came later also utilized two M61A1's in its
Side-Fire operations.

Thanks to USAF Museum Archives

Need Something Smaller?

Check Out The Cessna A-37 Dragonfly Website

With it's wingspan under 40 feet, sporting a minigun, two jet engines and 6,000lbs of extra goodies for local un-friendlies this plane had been a hit with pilots for almost 50 years. Click for video.

How It Works

Check out this video animation from the old Coz-Fx website
Click on the Gau-17

Thanks Coz! Plus here's another animation video from Japan

Quick Notes & FYI

"Vulcan" Was the GE Project Name, and now a slang term for a minigun or electric gatling gun.
"Chain Gun" A Chain Gun Is NOT a Minigun or Gatling Gun for that matter - Unlike what some video games would lead you to believe. A Chain Gun is normally a 7.62mm or larger weapon that uses a chain system & motor to load, cycle, fire & eject a round in the gun. The old 25mm Bushmaster on the bottom of helicopters was one. Here are some examples of a Actual "Chain Gun"The next time you see a "Chain Gun" with spinning barrels remember the only place you could be is in "Fantasy Land".

Care & Feeding Of The Minigun


No matter what model of minigun you have, real steel, BB or airsoft for the gun to perform to its maximum potential you need good lubrication. By far the best lubricant for miniguns & is from Mil-Comm Products TW-25B is the choice of leading firearms manufacturers, armorers, pro shooters and gun enthusiasts, and is recognized as the world's best all-purpose weapons lubricant protectant. It is now widely specified by the U.S. Military for their most critical performance weapons systems.

No, Mil-Comm did not pay me or even give me a free bottle of their product to say this, they simply make really good stuff..

Thanks To John Fox For This One

Minigun For Minivan

A Nice Modular System...
It may even fit in the back of a minivan.


Phalanx Gun System

A big thank you to Martin Lupo for these 3 pics


Not So "Mini" 30mm Vulcan Gun On A-10 Tank Killer
Thanks To Curt Morrison For This Pic

Where's Charlie??

3 Barrel GAU-19A 50Cal Minis

XM-301 3 Barrel

Minigun From Russia

Garage Project Mount?


Russian (Kyle, lol) Minigun

Russian GSh-23M Version. Notice The Chamber End Squared Off.
Also With A Vented Directional Muzzle "Brake" That Is More Of
A Muzzle Accelerator With The Directional Vents Installed

The Russian Counterpart GhSG 4 Barrel 7.62mm Minigun

Minigun Module

What If..
That Would Have Made Some Good TV..

#$%#^ Neighbors Cat.

Picture From The AARP "Silver Top Shoot" BBQ


Killed By Chrome!

A-10 30mm "Hollywood" Style

Roll Over For Other Side View

Nice & Sweet!

Motion Picture Weapons Master John Fox And Actress
Jennifer Johnson Go Over The Finer Points Of Minigun Operation.
Big Thanks To The Master Himself For These Photos

Here's a nice one in a military mount.

Almost.. This is one of the Japanese BB firing guns from the early 90's Check out the Airsoft page for more details

This Could Be Fun!!


The Drivers Seat..

Oh $#1/

Yes I knw it looks like the inside of a mobile home, stop sending me emails.

Using the best fingers for the job.

Some of the parts on the minigun are small, here Eric is repairing a wiring connector inside the trigger assembly on the Preditor-T2 Minigun.

Old Style GE Feeder / Delinker Unit


Roll Mouse Over Pic For Bottom View

T-Shirts Available again From SOG Sales

Turns out GE has no sense of humor when it comes to this shirt, when I did put a link up to a web store that sold them 15 years ago I got emails back from one of the shirt suppliers letting me know they got an email from a lawyer representing who else but GE. Now if you do find one you can accent it with another, click the mini for a link.

Clean This, Clean That, Clean This.

When Do I Ever Get To Shoot This Thing?

We are sad to report the untimely death of Mike Dillon the creator of Dillon-Aero who left this world on 11/7/2017. Rest In Peace Mike.

After 23 years out of production the 7.62mm Minigun is being once again manufactured by Dillon-Aero a division of Dillon Precision Products, the reloading supply people. Dillon has reengineered the feeder/delinker assembly, upgraded the rotor using a new titanium alloy & it is reported their new system is much more reliable than the old GE designs. A ammo jam that took 30 mins to clear now can be done in less than 5 with their new system. If you have a larger model, ( .50cal & up ) they are sold & serviced by General Dynamics They make a nice one to go on your Hummer and quite a few other models like the GAU-8A 30mm for the A10 Warthog, the M197 20mm 3 barrel unit for helicopters, the M61A1 20mm with a ROF up to a blazing 7,200 shots per minute. Another from General Dynamics ia the 25mm GAU-12/u

Now, if you have a 7.62mm minigun & need a part, don't bother emailing them you will only be Wasting your time. They only sell to governments.

Now if your brother-in-law happens to be the head of the defense department of some little out of the way "U.S. Friendly" country & is in the market for some new hardware to fight the ever-present"Axis Of Evil" invisible terrorist empire.. Sorry, I need to apologize.. It's just that "Axis of Eeevilll" thing sounds so much like a bad 1980's B movie title, like bullshit propaganda, it is so hard to imagine a 6 foot 6 arab on kidney dialysis in the middle of a god forsaken desert could be that hard to find.. Anyway, they WERE the people to see. Now Click Below!

New Dillon Web Site Link & Highlight Video

Also Check Out Firestorm In The Desert Video.

Movie Review: As far minigun videos go this is about the best out there for the public. Filmed in the desert with no other people around for miles the group of shooters take aim at several remote controlled airplanes loaded with "reactive cargo" There are allot of other machineguns shown in action but the minigun & a antiaircraft quad 50 setup are the weapons of choice for this bunch. Narrated by the late Mike Dillon it covers alot of the misinformation that is out there about the minigun & Mike does a fine job setting the record straight on this wonderful machine.

From: Dillon Precision Products

New Miniguns

Finally it happened, someone (James DeGroat) got fed up with the "look down & thumb your nose at" attitude of other minigun parts suppliers so some of the DeGroat family got together & started their own company.

DeGroat Minigun Sales

It is refreshing to see other Americans with such interests & know someone else has gotten into the minigun business that is focused solely on the M134. So if you need parts for your pre '86 or a complete sample minigun they are the "Friendly & Happy To Help" people to see.

Garwood Industries

New Miniguns - New Website - New (Uh Oh!) Federal Charges?

Profense LLC.

New Miniguns - New Website

Empty Shell's 5.56 Micro Minigun

New Minigun - New Website

Last I heard there was one post "86" minigun for sale at Auto if you have your type 7/10 FFL

More Big Guns From General Dynamics

GAU-8/A 30mm Gatling Gun

GAU-12/U 25mm Gatling Gun

GAU-19/A External Mount 12.7mm Gatling Gun M61A1/M61A2 20mm Gatling Gun

M-197 20mm Gatling Gun

XM301 20mm Lightweight Gatling Gun

Want To Learn More About The Minigun?

The very best source of minigun info, articles, part breakdowns & photos are in past issues of Machine Gun News & Small Arms Review magazines. For past issues go to the SAR website

Minigun Article Listings
M.G.N Dec 1993
S.A.R. Feb 1998
S.A.R. June 2000
S.A.R. April 2002
S.A.R. Feb 2003 & More

Want To See More On The Mini / Gatling Gun?

Check Out The Movie Page

Or Check Out These Books On The Subject.

Gatling Gun : 19th Century Machine Gun To 21st Century Vulcan

The Gatling Gun Notebook: A Collection of Data and Illustrations

Minigun repair manuals were available from the people at but now it seems they are closed down. Google search it & you should be able to find them. If I find a new supplier I'll put the link here.

More Videos

From Japanese Website
One guy shooting blanks
Can't forget Kyle's FPS Russia Video
Trying to hold on
Forgotten Weapons Video
And in slow-mo

More Articles & Still Minigun Pictures
More For The 30mm A-10 Fans Outthere!
F15E Strike Eagle 20mm M61-A1 Vulcan

Don't Forget To Check Out
Minigun Of The Month Contest

Reader Submission Pages.

A Modified Copy Of A GE Mini Made Ultra Small Check The .22 Minigun Page For More Details

Previous Winners

Click For BIG Pic

Thanks to James & Gary DeGroat for getting us the info & pics of his new miniguns.

New For Homeland Security??

At One Time It Was Advertised As A Tool To "Interdict Smugglers & Deal With Illegal Immigrants" But It Seems Even The Mighty Raptor SUV Bows Down & Cowers To Political Correctness. (Illegal Immigrant Today Elected Official's Housekeeper Tomorrow). Anyway Now The Raptor III Is Now Advertised For Other "Diverse Missions" So If Anyone Happens To See One Of These On The Freeway With A Rainbow Sticker On The Back Window Or Parked At Disney World During Gay Days Geeze, If Walt Only Knew! Please Take A Picture & Send It To Me.. lol :-)


As Seen On The Discovery Channel's Old Monster Garage

With Jesse James

Thanks Go Out To Joost & Platoon 118 The For The Video Links

Minigun Accessories Page



Whether it is for a movie shoot, Tv Production or a complete setup for a museum helicopter display look through all my pages for info to help complete your project.

Gatling Gun How It Works Animation

Minigun Patents

NOTE: To View Some USPTO Files You May need A Tiff Viewer Installed On Your Computer.

Tiff Viewer Download From C-Net Or From AlternaTif.

And Is A Part Of Public Records
US Patents

Original Minigun GE Design Patent 3380343

Updated GE Minigun Patent 3868884

GE Minigun Ammo Feed Patent 4342253

Dillon Minigun Patent 6742434

Dillon Minigun Patent (2) 7930964

Updated GE Minigun Rotor Patent 4216698

Another Minigun Patent

Dual Rotation Minigun Patent

Liquid Powered Gatling Gun

Original Gatling Gun Patent

Another Gatling Gun Patent

Feed Delinker

New Style Delinker

LinkLess Ammo Feeder Patent

BB Gatling Gun

Hand Held Toy Minigun

Gatling Type .22 LR Pistol

Dillon Belt Roller Magazine Device

Dillon Minigun Truck Mount Turret System

Dillon Ammo Box

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