The Rimfire .22 Minigun

Information I have obtained so far leads me to believe only two .22 long rifle miniguns have ever been built. Now I am talking NFA class miniguns here, not 22 Gatling guns as sold by RGG Furr Arms & others. The first model was built from 6 Ruger 10/22 rifles built around a central revolving shaft (The ones pictured at the bottom of this page). The downside to this was it only held 60 rounds of ammo & I am told it was a major operation to load. The new .22 rimfire mini is based on a scaled down GE design using the same belted ammo as the LM7 & Vindicator rifles. This will be available as "Post 86 samples" only but I am told a semi-auto crank fire version is in the works & may be available upon gov't approval of the design. Check back often for more info as it comes in but for up to the minute info email Mike at the address below.

Official Press Release From Manufacturer


Coming late 2006, 22cal Micro-gun by Halo Mfg. Post samples and hand crank will be available. Weight under 9lbs. beltfed operation. Web site coming soon. a preorder will be available shortly, video coming July. 3000+ rounds per minute.
Built from the "operational concept of a minigun". Limited numbers will be available. Contact "Mike"at Brass Cartridge for more info. ""

Tell them you saw it here!

22 Main Rotor

22 Bolt & Bearing


22 Parts In The White

22 Minigun Stripped


.22 Minigun Rotor

.22 Minigun Bottom - Handoff Point




AR15 Vs. GAU22E

Size Comparison Shot - GAU22e Vs. AR15


Delinker Size Compareison

Delinker Size Comparison

On The Workbench

Side By Side GAU2B/A 7.62mm On Top & The New GAU22E In Foreground.

.22 Minigun Receiver Parts

Please don't write me asking more questions about it, what you see here is all the info I have. Click the parts pic for the new website of Halo Mfg.. Tell'em you saw it here!

The First .22 Minigun

Oh YEA!!!!

Here it is in all its glory, a .22 rimfire minigun. As far as we can tell this is the first modern rimfire minigun ever photographed.

The owner was nice enough to send us these pics and a little about the history of this gun.

Minigun At Present

Original Design

This gun took 3 years to build & the design has been revised for performance upgrades three different times. The version you see here is 29 inches long and 15 inches high, it weighs in at 31lbs. The barrels are 16.25 inches long, construction is 98% aluminum and the unit runs off 12 volts, supplied by a motorcycle battery. The rate of fire is adjustable between 900 & 3200 rounds per minute. The chute is just for looks, the actual magazine is enclosed in the guns housing.


Yes, Ty is asleep here, He Is Overworked Bigtime

Here are the guys that made this thing work, Brian & Ty Megellan of TL Guns (ClassII Mfg), the builder of the .22 minigun & a few of their other toys.

Want More Info?

E-mail The Previous Owner Not Me!

Please don't write me asking more questions about it, what you see here is all the info I have!

For more info on the original .22 minigun pick up the Feb 2002 Issue of "Small Arms Review" magazine. Then if you have unanswered questions email the builder at: As of 8/2003 the .22 minigun has now been sold to a new owner, If he gives me his email I will post it here..

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